Tailift 5k Forklift

New Multifunctional Instrument Panel
A large and easy-to-see multifunctional display is perfectly centrally located in front of the eye of the operator. This new multifunctional panel provides all information necessary for the operator and service maintenance.

Electric F/R control lever
The forward/reverse lever offers easily accessible fingertip control. It is easy to reach and also for fast and easy directional changes. Using the electric solenoid to control F/r is also improved flexibility of operation.

Light lever
The lever is integrated into the electric F/R lever. It is combination of light switch and turn signal.

Tiltable steering column
The steering column can be adjusted help to provide the preferred driving position.

Location#6 - Summit Rentals
Internal Inventory NumberSTR-166
NameTailift 5k Forklift


$195.00 per day
$595.00 per week
$1,950.00 per month
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